Tuesday, May 09, 2006


All the emotions from the trip are still simmering and stewing on the back burner of my mind, and hopefully soon, it will be "soup". I look forward to serving up a steaming bowl for you to enjoy with me when it is "soup", but in the meantime let me prepare a plate of appetizers of this and that to nibble on right now.

I seem to be sleeping the clock around trying to get back into this time zone and routine of everyday life once again. Each morning I rise a little earlier and that is a good thing. Maybe by next week, I will be back in the groove again. One can always hope anyway.

AC is busy working on pictures everyday and posting lots on Flicker. When I haven't been busy catching up on my sleep, I have been unpacking, washing, restocking the fridge, and doing other fun things like that. Company is coming on the May 24 weekend, and then we are off to visit Lady Bug and Power Puff so I have to get my act in gear soon. Slowly but surely I am getting there.

We went grocery shopping the other day, and when we were done with that task, we indulged in an extra large Tim's coffee, thick with rich cream. MMMM good! We took our treasure to the park to savour it there. We sat in that most beautiful spot by the Unmighty Mississippi River and soaked in the lush green beauty of spring bursting forth all around us. After the dry dusty countryside of Sedona, Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, I felt like my body soul and spirit were taking a long deep drink. The grass and trees were so green and moist, the river so wet and blue, and the sky so bright and clear that I just sat there and gulped it all down deep into my being. It was sooo good to be home. Canada Geese frolicked by the river's edge and my spirit rejoiced as I watched their antics. Ah, home sweet home. I loved the trip to the Grand Canyon, but it just makes the beauty of home all the more special.

My bed and pillows are the best and most comfortable in the world; the sheer luxury of puttering down to my own kitchen to make coffee in the morning, a real treat; greeting the day out on our little sun porch, the best place on earth to do it; a walk through our neighbour and along the shores of the Unmighty Mississippi truly wonderful; a bike ride in the spring sunshine of our little town, a real adventure; coffee at Tim's and a visit to the park, thirst quenching for body and soul. Yes, the trip was wonderful and I have a plethora of happy memories, but home is where I love to be.

The trip has given me new spices to add to the "soup" of my life, but the stock and substance is where I live and I love it.

Let me sprinkle a few spices from our trip on this small plate of appetizers.

Sunset at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. What a wonderful time of day to be there. After the long plane ride it was a treat to get out and stretch our legs and end the day in this peaceful place.

The garden had myriad iron sculptures placed here and there to add contrast and companionship to the many varieties of cactus. This sculpture spoke loud and clean to me in that quiet space. - take time to listen more and maybe not talk so much. There are so many wonderful things to learn by listening, really listening.

The only cactus I had ever seen before this trip were tiny little specimens in plastic pots at the supermarket. The size of these beauties stopped me in my tracks.

As the sun set I listened to bird songs accompanied by insect chatterings, and I heard sounds that never touched my ears before. Marvellous, just marvellous. Take time to step outside your door tonight and listen really listen to what nature is saying just beyond your door. You might be amazed at what you hear.

Hope you enjoyed this little appetizer. Soup is almost ready.


Granny said...

Lovely. I remember the cacti from the time I spent in Phoenix many years ago. We have a few here but nothing that big.

Sometimes the best thing about a vacation is the return (with the memories of course).

methatiam said...

The Saguaro (pronounced swaharro) he’s looking at are probably over 300 years old, and believe it or not, are on the endangered species list.

Glad you’re reacclimating to home, though to a desert rat, it sounds like it could be a bit muggy. (our humidity was about 9 the past couple of days).

Melodee said...

So beautiful! I need to go there.