Saturday, April 22, 2006


Do you feel like I have been making like this groundhog by being almost invisible in blogdom these days? I have been busy scurrying here and there doing this and that to get ready for our trip, and then when the sun is shining and we have free time we are out on the bikes or at the park. The old laptop has been neglected that is for sure, but I know that AC has kept you posted on what we are doing. He manages to stay up much later than me at night, and gets many blogs written while I am sawing logs.

It is raining this morning and I have a few minutes to sit and write while I enjoy my second cup of coffee, so thought I would pen a few words to you while the raindrops do a merry dance on the bedroom window. I love a rainy day don't you? It refreshes and is so relaxing after a busy spell in the sunshine. We need a balance of both and I am glad for this refreshing rainy April morning just before we head off to sunny dry Arizona.

I have a new favourite word given to me by methatiam over at his blog tales from the wayside GAK! Somehow it seems to be on the tip of my tongue a lot these days. As you already heard from AC we are just about to leave for our dream trip to the Grand Canyon and I am in a bit of a tizzy (another word from methatiam that fits perfectly) with the last minute details of the trip.

On all of our other grand and glorious adventures, we have driven, and I make the car command central. Oh yes, I am a terrible over-packer and take everything but the kitchen-sink with me, just in case we might need it. On this trip though, we are taking the plane and renting a car once we get there. Ok, I can handle that, I told myself. It will be a bit of a challenge, but I will just jam everything I need into big suitcases and organize the car once we get there. GAK! We can only take two suitcases each and, double GAK, they can't weight more that 50lbs each! Don't laugh, I told you I needed everything but the kitchen sink.

Triple GAK – they tell me that whatever I put in the suitcases I check-in at the ticket counter, I have to be prepared to possibly never see again. Luggage goes astray and things do get lost. Oh dear. This is going to be a challenge.

I have suitcases open on the guest room bed and clothes piled here there and everywhere all around them. What do I need and what can I live without for a week. AC says he is taking two pair of pants, one of which he will be wearing, one pair of shorts and a couple of shirts. That does it for him!!!! I on the other had might need - hiking pants, dress pants, crop pants, shorts, skirts, blouses, tank tops, long sleeved tops, short sleeved tops, light tops, dark tops, sweaters, jacket, hat, sandals, runners, dress shoes, kicking around shoes, slippers – well, you get the picture.

It is hard to change old patterns, but I am working on it, I am working on it. We are only going for a week for goodness sake, and I don't need everything in my closest just in case I might need it. Friends tell me to put everything out that I think I can't live without and then take only half of what is there. GAK! I am working on it.

So dear friends, I am still here, but will be going there soon and will write and post pictures when we get back. Hope you are treated to sunny days and rainy days and enjoy a fine balance of both as we move from rainy April into sunny, flower filled May.

Talk to you again soon.


Gina said...

From one over-packer to another, I feel your pain.

I haven't flown post-9/11 so I am not sure what I would do either if faced with such a dilemma.

That being said, have a wonderful trip, Cuppa!

Arizona is pretty laid back, so I don't think you have to go really dressy.

karla said...

Oh the difference between men and woman when it comes to packing. I also feel your pain. I don't know why we woman always need so much. I never even come close to wearing everything I just *have* to bring. I just feel better knowing I have plenty of options to cover whatever situation may arise.

Do you have a carry-on? I pack and jam as much as I can in my carry on because the whole lost luggage thing really bothers me too.

Oh I can't wait to hear all about this exciting vacation. Do have a blast. Safe travels.

Granny said...


Great word.

Have a wonderful trip, the both of you.

Trust your pet groundhog is staying behind.

Heather Plett said...

One of the best exercises for me was being told that, for my 3 week trip to Africa, I shouldn't bring more than one small (the size you can take for carry-on luggage) suitcase. It was indeed a challenge, but ever since then, I've realized how light I can actually pack and still have enough!

Enjoy your trip!

Melodee said...

I put out everything I think I need and then put half of it away. That has actually worked for me in the last few years.

I hope you have a great trip! I've never been to Arizona.

Linda said...

I have learned to pack fairly light--one pair jeans, slacks & shorts (I take all black--good for summer & winter), one shirt each day that is next to skin and one or two vests/sweaters...socks & underwear as needed (they pack light). Rather than a rob, I have loose jogging pants & top that may be worn in public & also slip on easily. That way they have double use. are a problem for me. I still haven't hit upon the perfect solution. Currently its looking good for the Keen Boulder brand. They work well for walking & cool like sandles. Will be interested in how it works out for you.

luna pie said...

Auntie S! How are you?? Sorry - it has taken me a loooong while to figure this whole technology thing out. But I got it now! (I think) . I made a link from my site to yours! Hope all is well..