Thursday, July 08, 2004

I love a Rainy Day

Noisy birds outside my bedroom window woke me up around 6am this morning. Little blighters!!! I managed to bury my head deeper in the pillow and go back to sleep, but they woke me again at 7:30 so I rolled out of bed and padded down to the kitchen to make coffee and start my day. I am now working on my first cup, and hoping it will wake me up soon. It seems like the middle of the night though because it is so dark outside. I think we are in for a major downpour any minute now!!! I hope we are, because I love a rainy day. How about you? I don't like going out in the downpour, but I love being indoors and listening to the raindrops falling against the porch roof, or watching them hit the window. There is something refreshing and calming about it. It is like the rain is giving my soul, as well as the gardens, a deep deep drink. Ahhhh! Wonderful.

I get contemplative and creative on such days, and enjoy the snug dry feeling of being safe and warm in my house while the outside world is getting drenched.

The rest of the house is quiet, dark and still, but I am awake and am enjoying the hot coffee, cool air, and velvet atmosphere of this dark morning. I sit here bathed in the warm yellow pool of light from the lamp by my favorite chair, and I feel content. Yes, I do love mornings like this.

I hope you feel the velvet touch of this day too, and its softness comforts you all day. Wrap yourself in it and rest.

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