Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bath Time

We were invited over to observe the first bath at home yesterday. It was a
heart breaker for Grandma. Smudge didn't like it AT ALL!
First Bath-1
Here she is in the middle of it

First Bath 2
All over and time to dry off now.

After Bath
Ah, that's better. All clean and comfy now. Time to stretch out in the crib
and look at the window

After Bath 2
Hey mom, is it time for lunch now?


Granny said...

Looks like a healthy set of lungs.

Mary said...

It's a memory of my own daughter, Cuppa. She's a beautiful baby who enjoyed the bath but hates to be out of the swimming pool! She is so sweet... I envy your fun.

methatiam said...

Watch, she'll trun out to be an olympic swimmer.
Looking good!

KGMom said...

First bath! What memories. Many years ago, a friend who had just adopted a baby boy called me up in a panic. Could I come over & help her give him his first bath!
Your granddaughter is a real cutie!
You are very blessed--enjoy.

Pam said...

Boy, would I ever love to hold that beautiful baby!

The grandma quilt it just beautiful!!!

Cuppa said...

Granny - yes they work extremely well - especially at night!!

Mary - she is a beauty isn't she? Grandpa and I are having total fun, but mom is having a bit of a struggle with the fragmented sleep and night feedings. Oh I remember those tired days so well.

Me- she is look good isn't she.

kgmom - We are blessed indeed and enjoying this to the max. Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

Pam - It absolutely is pure joy to hold her and snuggle her while she sleeps. Nothing else quite like it in the whole world.

Laurie said...

She's absolutely beautiful, Cuppa. Surrounded by bright colors and loving family, she's going to have a great life.

Cathy said...

Your daughter is so blessed to have you sharing these 'firsts'. Little smudge is a pretty lucky little girl.
I love the after-bath pixes. The screaming pixes bring back ear-splitting howls from 40 years ago:0)

Cuppa said...

Laurie - she adds her share of bright colours to our lives that is for sure, and oh the colours to come!

Cathy - so many memories keep flooding back into my life with every cry, gurgle, splutter and coo. I swing forward and back in time with each sound and cuddle.

ChrisB said...

I remember being present for my eldest grandson's first bath and it was a special moment. I was very lucky as they lived with me until he was just over a year old so I shared lots of firsts and feel very privileged.