Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still No News

Just a quick note to let you know it is Sunday afternoon and all is quiet over here in this little corner of the world. Baby is taking her own sweet time and we are still waiting..

Stay tuned


Cathy said...

Truly wonderful things are worth waiting for. Just fold your arms around yourself and sway in anticipation. It'll be good practice, 'Grandma' :0)

Mary said...

I'm checking in every day. When is baby due?

Heather said...

Oh dear - poor Butterfly. I'm sure she's SICK and TIRED of waiting!

Cuppa said...

Cathy - OK arms are wrapped and I am swaying!!! Hmmmm, comforting really.

Mary - Baby WAS due on Friday. It is now Monday morning and all is quiet here. Well, except for the snowstorm blowing through town, all is quiet.

Heather - yep, she sounded pretty exasperated last night.