Saturday, April 14, 2007

No News Yet

For all of you waiting for news about the baby I thought it would be kind to quickly check in and let you know that - nothing is happening as of noon on Saturday. Sigh! At this point, no news is not good news, it is just no news, so I thought I would send you some news, to let you know that there is no news!!!!

Butterfly's due date came and went quietly and almost uneventfully yesterday. See AC's blog for more details about our eventful evening.

In the morning we started the day off right by meeting friends for breakfast at the new Sugar Bush Restaurant we found last month.

At 9AM ten of us gathered for a delicious breakfast of pancakes smothered in fresh maple syrup. Yum! Laughter was in abundance, coffee free flowing and a good time was had by all. In the afternoon we stopped by to visit Butterfly, encourage Smudge to come out and play, and then set off for home to snuggle in for the night, watch a movie and maybe munch some popcorn.

I won't spoil AC's story, but let me just say no popcorn was munched and a relaxing evening was not had by all.

We have nothing else on our calendars for this weekend so we are.... waiting.... anxiously.... excitedly... wonderously!!! It is hard to focus on anything else right now so I am sort of at loose ends today. I have a good book for my book club selection this month, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, so maybe while the rain falls and makes it difficult to go out for a walk or ride, and time drags, I will make an extra big pot of tea and run away into a good book for the rest of the day.

I hope you manage to find some sunshine to warm your corner of the world on this cold rainy weekend and our "little sunshine" brings some of her own when she enters ours.

Come on Smudge. Come out and play!!!!


Mary said...

We'll wait! Smudge will come out and play when he's ready! LOL! Enjoy your book and the wonderful anticipation. Oh, this is so exciting! Your AC is a hoot!

Cathy said...

Just in case my first comment didn't register:0) I just can't imagine the happy nerves that are jangling in your head and heart. I couldn't believe that business with AC's hands. That'll be a story that little smudge will have repeated to her for many years :0)

Cuppa said...
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Cuppa said...

Mary - Yes, AC is a very funny guy and we laugh a lot every day at our house. He has such a way with words and comes up with "zingers" out of left field that puts me into fits of the giggles. Too funny!

Cathy - I did get your first comment. Thanks for the heads up about the comment button being turned off. Don't know how that happened, but I fixed it as soon as I got your note.

Update - 10am Sunday - still no news!

Laurie said...

I tried to comment yesterday, but as you said, your comment button was off.

What an exciting time for you all. To welcome a child into the world is such a wonderous event. I am so happy for you. And as Cathy said, this will be a good story for little Smudge to hear, I'm sure she will enjoy hearing the grampa stories.