Monday, April 23, 2007

First Night

Oh my, this picture tells the tale of the first night home. I hear it was a bit of a howl. Poor mom and dad are not in the mood to post many pictures today, so I thought I would take pity on the Aunties and post a couple.

When we arrived mid-morning to see how things were going, it was a tad quieter. Mom and baby were enjoying a calm snuggle. Now, that's much better.

Grandmere arrived from Montreal this afternoon and is enjoying some snuggle time with the wee bundle.

Auntie Puff's flight was delayed last night so she didn't get here. We are hoping to connect with her later tonight. Stay tuned all you Aunties. I promise to post more pics of her first hug and snuggle with little Smudge tomorrow.


Laurie said...

What a little beauty!

Pam said...

She is the most beautiful bundle of love, and the hair! She's ready for a ribbon or two. Thank you for sharing your terrific photos, they are wonderful and fun.

Mary said...

She is a beauty! It's funny how babies are calm in the bath but scream to high heaven when taken out!