Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Auntie's Visit

I know I said that Butterfly would be posting most of the pictures from now on, but things are kind of upside down at her house for some reason. Don't know why!!!!
So, I thought I would post pictures of Auntie Puff's visit so Auntie Bug out in Vancouver could share in the joy too.

Auntie Puff had a total melt down when she first saw Smudge and we were all shedding tears of joy right along with her.

Smudge slept through all the goings on, but grabbed Auntie's finger and held on tight. She was sending her little hug back to Auntie Bug the best way she knew how.

Auntie cooed and Smudge slept...

Mom and dad joined Auntie for a picture and Smudge slept...

Auntie cooed some more, Smudge continued to sleep

Smudge did open her eyes and have quite a chat with Auntie during her diaper change though. I think she really liked Auntie's pink glasses.

We got Auntie back to her hotel around midnight so she would be there for an early morning business meeting the next day and then fly off to Winnipeg the next evening for another meeting and then home to Vancouver. It was quite a whirlwind visit, but we are so glad we found a window of time to squeeze in a little hug and hello so we could send real hugs back to Vancouver with her for Auntie Bug.


Love Bears All Things said...

Just wanted to hop over there and say what lovely pictures and what a proud Grandmother. Her hair is just so thick. She is a cutie. Snuggle and coo with her for me. My youngest is 6 1/2 and all though she still gets in my lap and cuddles, she is growing up so fast. The boys don't cuddle much at all any more.

Maya's Granny said...

Smudge has got this sleep thing down, doesn't she?

marmalade said...

puff,what a hottie! I'm loving the brownish hair! It looks amazing!

i loved those pics! they were fantastic. so much fun.

i cant wait for our visit!!!

Heather said...

Everyone looks so happy! Babies have a way of doing that to people. :-)

Are you getting used to the new identity, Grandma?