Saturday, April 21, 2007

Strong Foundation

It is Saturday morning and I finally have a few minutes to catch up on blogs and email. I still haven't had time to read many others, but the comments on our blogs have been heart-warming indeed. Thank you one and all for sharing in this joy with us. I can't put my feelings into words, but I know many of you know exactly how I feel – as if I am walking on air. Totally awesome.

Pictures are worth more than words, hence the picture blogs of the past few days. Smudge is a beauty isn't she?

I know that AC has already posted this picture on his blog, but it really stirs my heart so I want to post it here too. Little Smudge is surrounded with love and what a lucky little girl she is to have these two wonderful men in her life. It is such a strong foundation for her to build her life on.

This picture is another favourite of mine. What a look of love from father to daughter. Beautiful isn't it?

Just shortly after this picture was taken Smudge had a very messy diaper and while The Boy was in the middle of changing it, she threw up all over the place. Poor Dad didn't know which end to wipe first. He kept his cool though and tended to one job and then the other. I handed him diaper wipes, but he did all the work - changed diaper, sleeper, sheets and blanket and then dressed her in a new sleeper, wrapped her all up perfectly in a fresh warm blanket, and tucked her in her little bed. It was beautiful to watch.


Cathy said...

Ah, Cuppa - so beautiful. The 'both ends at once' event brings back memories and reminds me why we have our babies when we're young :0)

methatiam said...

Sounds like she'll be surrounded by a small army of people who will love her.


ChrisB said...

Congratulations and thank you for sharing these photos of your beautiful grandaughter

karla said...

yes - those first poops are ....ummm...explosively messy aren't they? I needed help from another mom in the NICU to figure out how to put a diaper on. I was all thumbs. Sounds like Dad is a total natural. Thanks for sharing more photo's. They are so beautiful to see.