Thursday, April 12, 2007

Manes and Tail Feathers

Yesterday the skies were sunny, winds calm, temps mild, and baby quiet so we took advantage of the perfect conditions and went for a bike ride. Oh joy! This was only our second ride of the season, but we are getting there. It was grand and glorious indeed to be out on our wheels again exploring the quiet country roads just north of town

We were merrily pedaling along one such road when we came upon this scene that made us chuckle, so we had to stop and take a picture. At first glance, when we zipped by, it looked like both horses were on their knees, but when we stopped and took another look, we saw that they were standing in this ditch munching away on what precious little grass there was to be had. As soon as they saw us they started to move toward us.

This one was very brave and came right up to the fence to say hello. I was sorry I didn't have an apple or carrot to offer it.

The lack of colour and dull landscape really stands out in these pictures huh? AC even added some contrast to the original pics too. We NEED some green! Come on spring! Come on!!!!

After our wonderful ride yesterday imagine our surprise when we awoke to thick fresh snow covering everything this morning.
Where Are The Worms?
AC captured this poor Robin, in the tree just outside our bedroom window, doing his best to keep his tail feathers dry and his feet warm during this April snow storm.

Hope you are warm and dry today too, and your tail-feathers are not in a knot over the weather.


Laurie said...

What great pictures, Cuppa. Glad you got out before the snow hit. It's snowing right now in Denver. I'm ready for spring too.

Mary said...

Oh, Cuppa. That's so discouraging. But your outlook is a good one... Have faith in Mother Nature (she's been very naughty lately) because she'll come through and give you GREEN!

Cathy said...

So glad you got a bike ride in before the bluster began again.

Such sweet pictures of creatures who are as anxious as we for SPRING!

Think green. Think green. Think green . . . .

Dave said...

Wonderful shots

Cathy said...

Cuppa - I couldn't find the comment section on your recent post, but that didn't stop me! Here I am down here :0) Oh I just can't imagine the happy nerves that are jangling in your head and heart. I couldn't believe that business with AC's hands. That'll be a story that little smudge will have repeated to her for many years :0)