Friday, April 20, 2007

Pictures for the Aunties to Ooh and Ahh over

When we went up to the maternity ward today this is the sight that greeted us. Mom was up and about, feeling and looking great and Smudge was letting her hair fly freely in the breeze.

It didn't take me long to get my hands on her to get a closer look at her new Do.

Isn't she cute?

We move her from arm to arm

Pass her from Grandma to Grandpa

And still she sleeps on and on and on. What a cutie!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures you Aunties out in BC, over the sea in Korea and those closer to home in Toronto.


Mary said...

Oooh and Ahhh I did! Congratulations to all of you, Cuppa. I'm glad all is well and you have a beautiful baby in your arms. I can tell you were beaming as much as Mom, and your wonderful busband.

My baby had that hair and a little button nose...

So happy for you. Now, you need to get to the mall to buy more stuff!

Congrats to your beautiful daughter and husband, too.

turtlestack said...

She's the best! She's just the best!!! I'm thinking 'Smudge' might need to be changed to reflect how sweet she is. Maybe little Oohahh would work.

marmalade said...

i want to squeeeeze her little face. i cannot believe how much hair she has! ADORABLE

Sue said...

What lovely pictures! So much hair... she's gorgeous.

Cathy said...

How did I miss these ?! I just told AC hat I'm not being ingratiating when I say that she is a BEAUTIFUL BABY!

sare said...

Oh my! Congratulations... she is just precious... usually babies look like aliens for the first few days, but she is actually gorgeous!
I love her furry littel mop and pouty lips! Heheh... I wanna squich her little cheeks...

Oooooooo, awwwwwww, ooooooooo!