Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Note to Heather

I don't have time to write much this morning, but wanted to share this joy with you, so thought I would just post a copy of the email I sent to my sister this morning.

Oh, gotta run, talk to you all later.

Hello Sister Dear
Thanks for the little note and heart hugs. This is a tough countdown for sure. Exciting and nerve-racking describes it perfectly. I am rushing out the door to get my hair cut this morning, but my cell phone is on all the time now when I go out and I see Butterfly almost every day. She is looking good, but feeling a bit weary at this point. We are all more than ready to greet little Smudge into this world.

Butterfly stopped by after her doctor's appointment yesterday and invited me along for her ultrasound, so I spent a joyous hour watching little Smudge grab her toes, kick her feet, and wave her hand. I saw her little heart pumping, and other things moving but had no idea what they were. Measurements were taken of her leg bones, amniotic fluid, and head size but the best moment of all was when the technician found a full view of her little face, and printed it out for us. Oh, she is the CUTEST baby! AC has posted the ultrasound picture on his blog and Butterfly has posted one on hers too if you haven't been over there already today.

Well sister dear I must run now. Will talk to you again soon.
Love and hugs


methatiam said...

keep all of us up to date too!

sare said...

ooooooooooooooooo! the anticipation! :)

Mary said...

There is something so magical about an ultrasound, isn't it?

Hang in there, grandmother-to-be. Baby is 7.5 pounds and ready to enter the world very soon!

Cathy said...

Oh, Cuppa - Your heart must be singing. Spring will truly arrive with this beautiful child.

Cuppa said...

Methatiam - will do.

Sare - soooooo right.

Mary - "magical" that's the word. Smudge is still in another world, but we were able to see her and that was truly a "magical" moment.

Cathy - Singing indeed. I can't quite describe it any other way.