Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quilted with Love

I went to the mailbox the other day and found a card there informing me that a parcel was awaiting pick-up at the post office. Email is great, but I do love snail mail and little surprises found there. This one was especially heartwarming I must say.

Tucked inside the brown paper package, tied up with string, I found this beauty wrapped in layers of tissue paper. Yes, my very own Grandma Quilt made for me by a dear friend. It is a quilt for me to keep at my house to wrap wee Smudge in when she comes for a visit.

What you can't see clearly in this picture are the thousands of tiny hand-made stitches around every animal, person,tree, flower, letter,and leaf in this scene. The pattern is just as clear on the back of the quilt outlined in white stitches. Truly a work of art and quilted with love.

Thank you dear friend. I treasure this priceless gift.


Cathy said...

What an adorable quilt.

There is something about hand-stitching that is so precious. It always seems to me that each stitch somehow holds a moment of time in its arc - in the human gesture and intention that formed it.

Cuppa said...

Cathy - I am going to send this comment to my friend who made the quilt. You put my feelings about hand-stitching into words perfectly. That's what poets do! Thank you.

ChrisB said...

That is such a wonderful gift.