Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Visit to G&G's

First Visit to the Grands
Momentous day! Smudge went to the doctor's today, and mom discovered that baby was apparently well fed because she was back up to her birth-weight. Yahoo, time to celebrate, so a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house was in order. It was a treat for mom to get out and Smudge seemed quite happy about the outing too.

First Visit to the Grands
Well for a little while anyway. Once out of the car Smudge started to get uncomfortable in her seat and wanted out thank you very much.

First Visit to the Grands
Grandma came to the rescue and soon had Smudge happy as a clam. We snuggled like this for about an hour while mom and I chatted and dad helped grandpa network his new printer.

We are all feeling a little more human today. I went to Tai Chi this morning and had a good workout. Tonight we are off to line dancing which is always fun. Yes, normal routines are picking up again and it feels good. One big difference in normal these days though - Smudge makes everything better.


KGMom said...

Lucky lucky all of you. It will be such a delight to continue to read all the firsts--first bath; first trip; first sleep through the night etc. etc.

Mary said...

Love that horrible frown! LOL! Things will get better. Good times are to be had...

Cathy said...

What a face!:0D
She's going to love that one when she's a teenager.

Good for you on getting back into your routine. I hope to post a Tai Chi photo essay in a few days. Stay tuned :0)

Pam said...

It's fun to share your first time as granparents...brings back soooo many memories.

Dave said...

Wonderful photos. Life is much grander when there is there is youth to help us through.

Laurie said...

I'm so happy for all of you.