Friday, May 25, 2007

Little Big Foot

We went over to visit the kids the other day and this sight greeted me. It made me laugh, but also shook my time clock. Blink, blink, blink - thirty five years buzzed and whirred forward and back and round and round.

My youngest sister bought these moccasins for Butterfly when she was just a baby and now they grace Smudge's feet. Where has the time gone? Buzz, whir, spin, spin, spin!

Her Aunty's Moccasins

Smudge's little feet look lost in them don't they? Her toes come just past the opening, and the shoes that always looked so tiny to me, now look huge.

Hanging Ten
The moccasins were so big they fell off when Grandpa picked her up to rock her, and I just had to take another picture of her cute little feet. Tiny little fingers and toes are awesome aren't they? Oh what a wonder babies are.

When will she take her first step? Where will those little feet take her? What adventures will she go on? How do we give her the guidance she needs to keep steppin' in the right direction and find her own North Star, so she can follow her dreams.

Those little feet have already walked right into my heart and made a lasting imprint. Oh joy!


Pam said...

Their feet and their hands are facinating. So small, so perfect.

Laurie said...


Cathy said...

Oh I know what you mean by the circle of time. Spin, blur and whir. Oh those sweet tiny feet. From watching AC's videos - we know she'll someday be waltzing on those pretty toes :0)

Granny said...

And it won't be any time at all before those darling little shoes are too small.

Spin, blur, and whir.

Mary said...

Baby hands and feet - so cute and soft! She'll be walking around in those slippers before you know it!

Cathy said...

Cuppa - I just saw your blogging space at Mary's. It's so serene and lovely. I think I could have picked it as yours out of all the others.