Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Celebrations

Warning! This post might be a boring read for most of you, so fast forward past this one if you want to. It is mainly for the A TEAM but you are all welcome to read it too.

Last week I started wondering out loud what to do for Butterfly this mother's day and dad stopped me in my tracks and told me I didn't need to plan anything, Mother's Day was all taken care of. I spluttered on about not wanting Butterfly to have to plan anything or do any work and he again assured me that that was not my responsibility this year. He and The Boy had things well in hand. OK, I would let them take care of it and just enjoy the day with Butterfly and the Baby.

I got up Saturday morning and discovered this gift on the dining room table for me. I was a bit puzzled when I saw it that day, seeing as Mother's Day was the next. Dad told me that Saturday was my Mother's Day and Sunday would be my Grandmother's Day. What fun! He had the whole day planned and after I opened my gift I was told to go get ready because we were going out for breakfast and then off on an adventure. As you well know, I love surprises like that and mystery adventures.

Can you see what the CD is? It is Mary Oliver reading forty of her poems. Oh joy! My favourite poet and to hear her reading her own poetry will be amazing. What a gift! The quote on the back cover reads "The poem is meant to be given away, best of all by the spoken presentation of it; then the work is complete." I will let you know more about it in another post, but for now let me continue on about my most wonderful weekend.

After breakfast on Saturday we took coffee and Timbits (sustenance for the journey) out to the car and continued on our adventure. I soon found out that we were going on the Red Trillium Studio and Garden Tour. We drove along country roads vibrant with the fresh colours of spring, and visited Artist's studios and Master Gardens all along the route. As you might have already guessed, I picked up a beautiful piece of original jewelry at one of the studios. It will look fabulous on the Pashmina shawl Sare sent me from South Korea.

The sculpture in the picture above was one of many at the most unique studio of the day. The house was built into the side of a hill and had windmills and energy panels all over the property. They were not off the grid completely, but they were moving in that direction. The Studio was in an old building out back where the artist made beautiful sculptures using wood, clay and stone. Her work was amazing.

We stopped at a quaint pub for a late lunch/early dinner, at the end of the tour and then finished off the day with a stop at S&E's place to get a hug and hello from them and the Smudge before heading home.

Sunday dawned sunny and cool and I slept in, then lazed around in my pj's, and lingered over coffee in grand style. What a totally relaxing, luxurious way to spend a Mother's Day morning.

Mid-morning I received this beautiful mixed plant basket from you guys. What a nice surprise. Thanks gals. I sure miss you.

Love this little bunny hiding in the leaves.

Dad and I took a picnic to the park for lunch and then headed over to Butterfly and The Boy's to stay with Smudge while they went out to enjoy a walk in the park and maybe get an ice cream. We all gathered at dinner time for a BBQ – the guys cooked and the girls snuggled the baby. It was a great Mother's/Grandmother's Day.

I received this unique Grandma mug and cute magnets from Smudge, and this whimsical figurine from Butterfly and The Boy. Just in case you can't read it, the mug says "Not your average Grandmother". I am drinking my coffee out of it right now. Yum! The figurine is called "Happiness" and it makes me smile and feel happy just to look at it.

What a fabulous weekend. Wish you could have been here, but did feel you here in spirit. See you soon. Hugs Mom


Pam said...

How absolutely perfect. Everything, just perfect. Isn't it wonderful and satisfying when the gardens of love we plant grow and flourish?

Cuppa said...

Pam - what a beautiful description of our little family garden growing and flourishing.

Cathy said...

Yes! Pam's metaphor was perfect. I'd missed this post and see that you received a CD of Mary Oliver reading her poems. I'm going to google this immediately. What a thrill.

Cuppa said...

Cathy - I am soooo enjoying the CD. MO's voice doesn't sound at all like I imagined it would, but hearing her read her own work is amazing. Hope you find a copy. There is a great essay inside and a couple of neat pictures of Mary too.

Anonymous said...

I just had to introduce myself and sy that I have never met another "Cuppa".Nice to meet you.