Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Pictures

Two Generations of Mothers
Queen for a day! Butterfly and I polished off our tiaras and were all set for the day.

Generations on Mother's Day
The Little Princess joined us for a snuggle.

The Princess is giving orders to her court. We all listen intently.

Mommy and Smudge
I think she just told mommy a joke.

Mommy and Smudge
Now it's time for a snuggle

OK, enough of that, now it is time to kick up her heels and have some fun with the bears she gave mommy for Mother's Day.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. Hope you did too.


Pam said...

What wonderful photos of three generations. You are all beautiful and I love those tiaras!

Laurie said...

What wonderful photos. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

Mary said...

Three generations of beautiful women! All of you look so happy.

Cuppa said...

Pam - I love the pic of the three generations together too.

Every woman should have a tiara. It does add sparkle and shine to any day for any occasion. Sometimes if I am having a bad day I wear it around the house. I do! Even middle of the road days see the tiara. I have worn it to wash the car, or just while I am having my morning coffee. Yes, every woman should have a tiara and wear it when needed. Try it you will love it.

Laurie - glad you enjoyed the photos too. It is always nice to share joy with others.

Mary - I can't tell you how happy I felt that day. Having a baby was a dream come true for Butterfly after a long struggle, so seeing her joy, then mixing it with my own just sent me over the top.

Cathy said...

Oh! I've fallen behind! So much happiness. So many smiles. Makes me happy just to bask in the glow.