Sunday, May 08, 2005

Queen for a Day!

I had so much fun today, and an extra sparkle was added to everything I did. Yes I positively glittered and shone all day, courtesy of Butterfly.

We have a running joke involving a tiara that started many years ago while watching the Oscars with Butterfly. To make a rather long story a bit shorter let me just say that we sat in Butterfly's little basement apartment with paper tiaras on our heads while we watched the show on TV. Even AC had a tiara!!!! What a hoot that was.

Butterfly got married last year and she picked a beautiful tiara for her headpiece. This tiara now comes out for every birthday dinner or other special occasion and is worn by the person of honour. I got to wear it at our Christmas dinner this year and I loved it. What fun.

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning when I opened my Mother's Day gift from Butterfly and found my very own tiara tucked inside a box for me. It was just too funny.

I put it on while I ate breakfast and I must admit it made me feel very regal and special. Amazing what a tiara can do for one's attitude!!! Every woman should have one. Really!

I wanted to wear it on my bike ride, but figured the helmet was safer, so I left it at home during our ride, but as soon as we got home and the helmet came off, the tiara went back on and I wore it while I washed the car!!!! What total fun I had with it all day.

Thanks Butterfly. I had a blast and felt like a Queen all day.


Butterfly said...

Looks great! Glad you like it!

So. Every woman should have:

1. A Tiara.
2. A good, comfy bra.
3. A pair of red shoes.

Imagine the power when you wear all three!

Love ya.

Mel said...

I love your style. (I've had an ongoing tiara joke since college . . . I had a tiara then. Long story!)

kathy said...

how fun! i have some Red sneakers, now all i need is a Tiara. :-)

Guinevere Meadow said...

I want a tiara, too!!! I ALMOST got one for my wedding. Is it OK to buy a bridal headpiece AFTER you're married?? ;)

Cuppa said...

So now I have all three! I can feel the power already. From head to toe I am ready to go!

Can't wait to read your tiara story.

Go for it girl.

Gina said...

Hmmm, my sister used to have a tiara. Perhaps I should ask her if I can borrow it!

I'm good on the bra thing, but I don't, and actually never have, owned a pair of red shoes. I'm not big on colored shoes, for whatever reason. Probably because I am not really a clothing or shoes person and feel it would be too hard to match them with anything!

You look wonderful in your tiara, it fits you well, oh queen!