Friday, May 06, 2005

Renovation update

Slowly but surely we are moving ahead with the kitchen. We are not breaking any speed records, that's for sure, but we are moving forward.

Painting done

As you can see here, the walls and trim are all painted, so that is one major task behind us. Hopefully this weekend we will get the new cupboard doors installed, sink light and range hood hooked up and all the new plugs and switches put in. Then we will move on to the big job for next week – installation of the new counter-top. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Writing time is pretty scarce these days, but AC and I did manage to squeeze in a bike ride or two this week and it felt so good to pedal some of the decorating stress away. We got out for a 40k ride on Wednesday and a 30k ride yesterday, and that made us pretty happy.

Yard work had to be done today, so the bikes and paint brushes gathered dust while we pruned roses, weeded gardens, washed the car, got all the summer furniture out, washed it down and set it up on the back deck. Whew! Busy way to end an even busier week. We both feel a bit knackered tonight, but it is a well deserved knackered!!!

I hope you all have a chance to walk in the sunshine this weekend and enjoy the fresh touch of spring in the air. I know I will. Talk to you all next week.

Oh yes, and to all you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day.


kathy said...

Looking Good! :-)

Butterfly said...

Imagine how wonderful it will look with new countertops! I'm so excited. You should have done this years ago.

methatiam said...

I recently installed a wood laminate floor in the living room and hallway. I truly sympathize!

Cuppa said...

Thanks! It sure needed a face lift and I am liking the clean fresh look that is for sure.

I know, I know, but oh the mess. I still can't find the sugar bowl!

We are going with laminate flooring too. Do you have any helpful hints for me?

Iona said...

It looks a whole lot better already than in the beginning! Looking forward to see the result. Good luck!

methatiam said...

I had left a comment here Saturday, but I can't see it now.

Anyway: If you are installing the laminate wood strips, just remember, the first three rows are the worst, after that it gets easier. If you are putting it in your kitchen, remember to be very thorough in applying the glue to the tongue and groove so as to keep any spills from getting under the laminate and rotting the wood underneath.