Sunday, May 22, 2005

Puff, Pant, Gasp!!

Wow, lots of running with the old baton these days. I had a successful hand-off to Dale and he posted safely in spite of the scissors. Lynn also grasped the baton firmly and swiftly and made me laugh at the people he wanted to pass the baton on to. Gina made the connection and is still running. I will keep you posted on her progress.

Thanks one and all for joining in and having some fun.

I have now been tagged by Norma to accept another baton. I need a breather, but I will go check it out soon.

AC and I have been out on the bikes a lot this past week and have worked our distance up to 50k for each ride. It feels great, but with that and getting the kitchen back in order, I sure haven't had much time for anything else. Blogging time has been cut right down. When the sunshine and the great outdoors calls my name the laptop gathers dust.

I will be back when it rains. In the meantime have fun and enjoy the sunshine.

Talk to you all later.

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