Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kitchen Update II

The sun is shining today, the grass needs cutting and the bike trails are calling out to us but first things first. I must update you on the kitchen progress, - right? This project is the monster that is eating most of my time and energy these days, but I think I am winning the battle with it. Still haven't found the sugar bowl though!

This week we got the range hood and sink light installed, the shelves put back in the cupboards, the plastic trim put on the edges of the shelves, the valance over the sink put up and all the quarter-round edging put up around the cupboards. Tonight the new doors go on and then I should be able to start putting stuff back in the upper cupboards. The bottom cupboards will stay empty until the counter-top is replaced – maybe next week – maybe not!!!!

I think the old brain has been addled by the paint fumes and plaster dust because I sure don't seem to have anything to write about these days. It seems almost impossible to put two words together to express a thought, so I won't attempt to bore you with drivel. Just update you for now, and write more later, when my brain clears and clicks into gear. Oh please let it click back into gear soon.

The best was to secure future happiness is to be as happy as is rightfully possible today.
Charles Eliot

I hope you find something to smile about today and are as happy as is rightfully possible. Have a good day.


Mel said...

Your kitchen looks gorgeous!

Iona said...

It's getting there!!! :)

Gina said...

I love that color, Cuppa! My living room is a similar color. Mine is called "taupe" what is yours?

Karla said...
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Karla said...

Just like the McDonalds commercial...bah da ba ba bah...I'm lovin' it!

Your kitchen is the EXACT same configuration as mine. Same shape, same counter location, same window location (even looks the same size). The only difference is that our fridge sits where your stove is, and our oven is where your dishwasher is.

Heather said...

Hi Cuppa! Just dropped by to say thanks for the recommendation on "Dance of the Dissident Daughter". I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been thinking about it ever since... you might want to read my blog about my reflections :-)

And congrats on your "almost kitchen" :-)

Cuppa said...

Thanks for all the the comments on the kitchen gals.

The colour of the paint is Capilano Bridge by Benjamin Moore Paints. It is the same colour as a cup of coffee with double cream. Mmmmm, just the way I like my coffee.

I think I like your configuration better than mine. I don't like cooking against the wall at all. It makes much more sense to put the stove at the other end of the counter.

It is a very thought provoking book isn't it? I am still working my way through a second reading.
I will go check out your blog now.

kathy said...

It's Lovely.:-)