Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Honeymoons, other moons and decadence.

Weren't those old pictures we posted yesterday a hoot? What fun to look back at old photos of ourselves and see what young whippersnappers we were way back when, and relive all the wonderful memories of our wedding day. Thanks for all the warm wishes you posted on our blogs for us, they really added to the joy we shared on this anniversary.

Yesterday was a busy but relaxing day if that makes any sense at all. We left mid morning for our bike ride, and because it was a special day we allowed ourselves a stop at the chip truck down by the river for a plate of fries. We sat on a bench by the water and ate the hot, salty fries sprinkled with a light dash of vinegar. Oh, they were so good. We then pedalled another 15k out to the lake for a cup of coffee, and then home. It was a windy by sunny ride and we clocked 40k in all.

We meandered down memory lane as we pedalled along the bike paths and enjoyed a wonderful day of remembering all mixed in with the joy of being where we are in our lives right now. It was a great day. At one stop along the way I mentioned to AC how neat it was that we both chose a song to go with the pictures that we posted that morning. "Did you use a song too?" He said. "I didn't realize that. Can you sing it for me?" So there we were on a busy road, stopped at a traffic light and I was trying to sing the Shania Twain song to him. It was very funny.

We got home mid afternoon and our friends "St Paul and Minneapolis" dropped over with a bottle of cold bubbly and some warm wishes for us. We visited with them for awhile and then set off for our pizza dinner.

Now I know weddings are usually followed by Honeymoons, and ours was, 36 years ago, but I never expected a "moon" to be connected to this day again. It sure was yesterday though.

As we sat in the restaurant waiting for our pizza, four young girls came in and sat down across from us. Two were rail thin and two were a bit chunky. They all had on hip-hugger jeans which looked cute and tidy on the thin wispy girls, but the chunky girls were struggling to keep everything tucked in, if you get my drift.

They all sat down and two of them had their backs to us, right in my line of vision. I was shocked to look over and discover that the chunky girl's pants slipped right down her backside when she sat down and I was being mooned during the whole meal. It was very disconcerting. She didn't looked like a plumber, but her pants were sure plummeting! I mentioned this to AC and he glanced back and then turned to me and said. "I am just glad I am looking in the opposite direction and don't have to look at that for the whole meal."

I sat there wondering if I should mention something to her on our way out. If that were me, would I want to know? I think I would. It might be better coming from a total stranger, but it might really hurt her feelings too. AC didn't think I should say anything to her. I needed another woman's opinion and our waitress was a very friendly lady who looked to be in her late thirties so when she came to our table to see if we wanted anything else, I pointed out to her what I had been looking at during my whole meal and she was shocked. I asked her if she thought I should say something to the young girl. She thought it might be doing her a favour, but maybe ignorance is bliss too. I ended up not saying anything to her, but I still wonder if I should have. What would you have done?

We walked out of the restaurant and went across the road to a Dairy Queen for dessert. This was our anniversary after all and we were going to splurge on dessert too. I haven't been in a Dairy Queen for years, so I didn't really know what was on the menu anymore. We walked in and stood there looking at the different choices of rich gooey sundaes. The young kid behind the counter asked if he could help us, and I looked at him and said "We want something decadent." He had a blank look on his face and said "I don't know what that means." We explained to him that we wanted the richest, most gooey mess of a sundae he had on the menu and he still looked at us like we had just landed from Mars.

Maybe it was for the best that I didn't try to tell the young girl that her hip-hugger jeans weren't hugging nearly enough of her hips when she sat down. Sometimes the young and the old just don't speak the same language. It never hurts to err on the side of caution and always be kinder than we need to be. I just don't know if it was kinder to say something or not.

Anyway, we had a great day and now it is time to turn off the laptop and head out on the bike trails.

Hope you all have a great day.


Butterfly said...

You made the right decision. That would have been mortifying for her.

methatiam said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!

Karla said...

Oh my goodness! That is side-splitting hilarious. Laugh out loud funny!

Truthfully? I guess I'm not as kind as you, AC or Butterfly, and perhaps this is where my immaturity shines through, but here is what I would have said to the mooner:

"Yo! Chiquita!
Yeah you!
Your ass is showing and I'm trying to eat here! Mind taking care of that for me darlin'?"

As far as the dairy queen guy. I would have looked him right in the eye with the most intense and serious look on my face and told him that I have in fact, just landed from Mars and that I needed him to bring me up to speed on all of Earths gooey ice cream flavours so that I could use the knowledge to rule the planet.

I'm just a bad girl that way though...

I'm sure not saying anything would be a much wiser choice.

Gina said...

I wouldn't have said anything either.

She probably at some point will realize that there is not enough coverage when she sits down. But isn't that what being young and foolish is all about? Years later, you can look back and hopefully laugh at how stupid you were .

Norma said...

She probably thinks it's as sexy as cleavage and might be surprised to find out some of us think it is just poor taste.

Congrats on the anniversary. Loved the photos.