Saturday, May 07, 2005

Good Day!

I thought this was going to be a busy weekend of work on the kitchen, but Mother's Day festivities and activities came first for the family man who is installing the cupboard doors, so all renovation tasks were put on hold for a couple of days.

The sun was shining this morning, and with the kitchen work on hold, and the yard work done, AC and I decided to take advantage of the weekend work break, and set off on our bikes. We packed a lunch, and a map of a new area to bike to, and headed out for an exciting adventure. We set a goal of 50k for our trip today and didn't know where the 25k turn around point would be. I adjusted the GPS to clock our time and distance and off we went.

We found a wonderful secluded picnic spot at kilometre 23 and stopped there for lunch. The road leading to it was called Windcliff, and amazingly enough, it lead to a rather windy cliff overlooking the lake. No problem though, the sun was shining warmly and we kept our coats zipped up tight so we were as warm as toast while we munched our main course of Swiss cheese and lettuce sandwiches, followed by crisp juicy red grapes for dessert. Yum!

AC at Windcliff

We thought we had found a gem of a picnic spot that nobody else knew about, but as we sat there eating our lunch, two or three car loads of people drove up the road and stopped to take in the view of the lake. None of them stayed long, and we were the only brave cyclists, but when I went to put my garbage in the trash can put there by the township, I noticed it was full of empty Tim Horton's coffee cups. What a hoot! Anyway, we were the only picnickers there today, so we enjoyed exclusive use of the picnic table.

After lunch we continued on down the road for another 2k's in order to hit the 25k mark, and then turned around. We were sure ready for a cup of coffee by the time we reached Tim's at kilometre 35 on our way home! Mmmmm that coffee tasted extra special delicious today. After our break at Tim's our legs were in a bit of an uproar when we first got back on the bikes, but after a few minutes they warmed up again and we were zipping along in no time. The wind seemed to pick up strength and gave us a mighty battle at some points along the trail home, but for the last few klicks we lucked out and actually had the wind at our backs, so it was coast and enjoy during that homeward stretch. Yahoo!

What a great day this has been. Not only did we have a break from the decorating, but enjoyed a sunny bike ride, time to write a little and now time to read. Yep, a great day.

Whatever busyness filled your days this week, I hope you had a chance to relax today and get out into the great outdoors to soak up some of the marvellous spring sunshine.

It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
~Ursula K. LeGuin

Don't forget to enjoy yours!


methatiam said...

In answer to your question, yes I did the floor all by my self. Remember the folowing:
If you are doing the long thin laminate strips, the first three rows are the hardest. Don't get discouraged because it gets progressivly easier as you go (untill the last strip won't go in, then get discouraged again ;-})

Iona said...

I love it how you two do those fun things together.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I second Iona's comment! My hubby loves to ride bikes; he just doesn't have one at the moment. Plus, where we live it isn't really SAFE to ride bikes anywhere. We do Civil War Reenacting together, though! Does that count? :)

Cuppa said...

Yes we are going to use the long laminate strips. I will let you know how we manage the last strip.

I am not sure. Do you use real guns?