Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smudge's Busy Day

Goodness Smudge had a lot of work to do yesterday, but she plowed through it diligently and with good humor. What a girl!

First of all she had to help Bunny fluff his fur.

Then it was time to help Grandpa with his coiff. She took great delight in this activity.

Now on to the next task, practicing her Pat-a-cake skills. Cute, cute, cute.

Time to work on her own "Do". Give me that brush Grandma and let me do it myself.

Now that personal grooming is all taken care of, it is time to help Grandpa work on the computer.

Hmmmm, let me see, what's next?

Oh yes, learn how to feed myself so I can grow big and strong, and have lots of energy to put in another busy day tomorrow.
A baby's work is never done. What fun!


ChrisB said...

I loved the commentary with these photos.

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - Thanks. It is fun to post these pictures so I am glad you are enjoying them too. Like AC I print out the blogs and keep them in a binder, so I imagine that Smudge and I will enjoy looking through them endlessly when she gets a little older.

Cathy said...

Smudge is so precious. I just can't believe how fast she's growing up. It seems like those ultrasound images we're such a short time ago.

Cuppa said...

Cathy - I can't either. Blink of an eye and Smudge is already standing up! How can this be?

Maya's Granny said...

It is amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it? She is just as cute as cute can be.

Cuppa said...

Granny - picked up the tag, and had fun with it.