Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cool heat

Two years ago we downsized and moved into a much smaller house, a townhouse actually. It was, and still is, a bit of an adjustment at times, but on the whole, we are both loving our smaller digs and the freedom they give us. On a cold winter's day, the one thing we do miss in this new house is a fireplace. We had a small gas fireplace in the family room of our other house and I loved to curl up beside it on a cold winter morning. The only problem was, for this menopausal women, see Menopause Cake, it too soon got too hot for comfort and I had to turn it off.

Well, in our new house, I have found the perfect solution to this problem. The wonderful cool heat of this fireplace is just the ticket. It lights up the room, fills the air with crackling sounds and warms up the atmosphere without heating up the room. Oh joy!

I think it is just about time to pour myself that second cup of coffee and go curl up in front of it for awhile.

Hope you find a cool warm spot to sit this morning too.

Talk to you all later.


ChrisB said...

I saw several people blog about that over Christmas. It looks very comforting without the warmth!

karla said...

Perfect! Hmmm, and baby friendly too. This may be the perfect solution to the fireplace that I would love to have, but have no space for.

KGMom said...

Oh too funny--a fire that you can watch!
We have a gas fireplace--nice because we just "turn" it on, and then off when it gets too warm