Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet Treats

Friday found AC and I at the coffee shop for a delicious mug of Chai Tea. MMMMM, so good on a cold blustery January afternoon.

After the sweet treat at the coffee shop we stopped in at Thesha's for another kind of sugar.

MMMM, hugs and kisses with the baby, sweetest treat of all.

Hope you have a positively scrumptious day.


ChrisB said...

If you had to choose I bet the second treat would win hands down!

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - Yep! Hands down winner indeed.

marmalade said...

I didn't realize that I missed you blog so much until you started posting again. It's nice to read your blog and hear your positive and warm thoughts.

Hope you're well. Missing you and the family so much. Give Smudge a squeeze for me!!