Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Stuff of Dreams

When I got up the other day, this is what I saw out the bedroom window. The moon was high and bright in the sky, and the clouds looked like mountains. It made me stop and think for a minute and ask, - Where the heck am I? Is it morning or night? Maybe I am in a waking dream and I am really in Vancouver! Oh, wouldn't that be lovely. At the A-Team's apartment in that fair city, we had views of mountains and ocean right outside our windows every morning- for real. What a treat!

Back here at home we have neither mountains nor oceans. Sigh! How wonderful it was to see something completely unexpected, mountains outside a familiar window the other morning. I did have to make an extra effort to stop and look though. I didn't just open the curtains and walk away without looking because I thought I knew what was there. I had to be in the moment and really look.

I made a few attempts to get a picture and none of them turned out that clearly, but at least you get the idea from these two. I didn't know if I would post them on my blog or not, but when I read the quote on my calendar yesterday morning I thought they just might fit in here.

People's dreams are made out of what they do all day, the same way a dog that runs after rabbits will dream of rabbits. It's what you do that makes your soul, not the other way around.
Barbara Kingsolver

I hope you find new and exciting landscapes waiting outside familiar windows in your life today, and your day is full of the stuff of dreams.

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Cathy said...

A lovely quote and I'm glad you shared that whimsical view from your window. I can imagine your flight of fancy. It's good to soar on those delicate, liberating wings . . .