Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hope is a Sideroad

Thesha and I went shopping in Ottawa the other day and I did backseat duty to keep Smudge entertained on the rather long drive. We took back roads into town and when we hit Hope Sideroad I was reminded of this blog Thesha posted when she was going through the deep dark days of infertility treatments. What a long dark heartbreaking journey that was. My eyes welled up with tears and my heart beat a little faster when I looked at Smudge laughing a giggling beside me now as we drove along that very road the other day.

Nine Months Old
Smudge if now nine months old and she is a wonder. I look at her in awe some days and marvel at this perfect little person who was only hoped for at this time two years ago, and only a smudge on an ultrasound last year. Oh the wonder of birth and creation.

If you are on a long dark journey today, I hope you find this Sideroad which leads you to the bright patch on the road just up ahead. Keep on, keeping on.

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