Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heart Warmer

AC and I put in a busy afternoon running errands yesterday, and weary as we were, we had to stop by to see the Smudge before heading home. Wouldn't you know she was sleeping. Drat! She cut a new tooth, and another one is one the way, so her little tummy is upset, sleep patterns are disrupted and things are upside down in her world these days.

While sitting and chatting with Thesha we soon heard sounds of upset coming from the nursery. Smudge had only been sleeping for about twenty minutes and she was up howling already. Oh dear. It is not like her to wake up like that at all. She is usually all smiles and chuckles when she wakes up.

Thesha went to the nursery and tried to sooth her, but the crying continued all the way out to the living room, where we sat waiting for her. She just wouldn't settled down...until Grandma held her!

Heart warming indeed to be able to settle an upset baby. Joy! Joy! Joy!

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ChrisB said...

Poor Smudge ~ it's never easy when they are teething~ good job supergran was on hand!