Thursday, January 17, 2008

Middleville Celtic Jam

We got together with old friends on the weekend and went to the Celtic Jam in Middleville. A smaller than normal group gathered on stage to play, but they were enthusiastic and had fun playing for a large audience.
We arrived late and left early, so sat in the back row to soak up the music and share a few laughs.

During one song I "played" the "coffee cup". Yep, without thinking I was tapping along with the music and I guess the sound carried right up to the stage area. At the end of the song they asked "the drummer" to come up and join the group. I declined seeing as we would be leaving early, but they insisted that we join the group and play an instrument, so they passed this "folk" down to us. AC played the "folk" while I continued to play the "coffee cup".

When you shake this little gal her mouth clickety-clacks and if you hit her against your leg just right it sounds like you are playing the spoons. We had a blast.

You can make music with just about anything, so grab a coffee cup, or a couple of spoons, and have some fun.
Ready now? All together on three...

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ChrisB said...

From the photos it looks like you had a lot of fun.