Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter fix!

For a baby, the trouble with winter is the bulky snowsuit. Poor Smudge can hardly bend in the middle when we get her all bundled up. Her hands and feet disappear in the depths of the very necessary thing when the thermometer is reading -25, her head gets lost in the hood and her little chin is smushed by the collar.

In the picture below she is enjoying a stretch after being strapped in the dreaded car seat for half an hour, but all she can see is the ceiling. Not fun!
So, a trip to the mall is the perfect fix for this problem. Snowsuits and coats are stowed in the back of the stroller, baby, mom and grandma are comfy, and we are ready to stroll.

Oh the luxury of going for a walk like this in the middle of winter.

Mom needed a new pair of running shoes, so the shoe store was our first stop. While mom tried on shoes and talked to the salesman, Smudge made a new friend, Preston. They seemed fascinated with each other and had a grand time interacting while the moms shopped. I think Smudge is trying to tell Preston to take his coat off and be comfy.

How open and free children are with each other. No masks at all, just openness and honesty.
"I am who I am and I like me, and I see in you someone I could like too. Let's be friends. "
How refreshing and heart warming.

Let's give ourselves a winter fix today and look at the world with the eyes of a child. Get your head out of that hood, and look, really look at anything in front of you as if you have never seen it before. Study the ordinary world to see the wonder in it. Get rid of all those bulky inhibitions that restrict you, and sit up and take notice. Get your hands and feet out there, and greet all you meet as possible friends.

Walk in the spring of this winter day and have a refreshing time. Yes, that is the perfect winter fix for our souls. Enjoy!

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