Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last July we went to my brother's house in Peterborough for a fun filled weekend. We arrived late afternoon, but didn't even think of getting our bags out of the car until late that night. By this time it was dark, I misjudged the depth of the front step and did a magnificent "triple axle" combined with a "double lutz" off my brother's front porch, landing in a spectacular "flying sit-spin" Ker Plunk! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!!!!!!

I really did a number on my foot, ankle and leg. We did the RICE treatment - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation - for the next few days, and that kept the swelling down a tad, but my leg, right up to mid calf, was black and blue. Oh dear, I could hardly walk. After spending three hours in the ER enduring multiple x-rays , combined with painful poking and prodding it was determined that neither foot nor ankle were broken, but I had a nasty sprain. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!

I hobbled around for the rest of the summer using a cane. Not fun! Eventually the bruising faded and the swelling went down, but the pain never did take its leave. September found me at physio twice a week for treatment, and that helped a bit, but not much. Walking, biking, Tai chi, Line Dancing were all put on the shelf while I tried to deal with this aggravating injury.

Fast forward to January - I am still suffering with this dad-blasted ankle and don't quite know what to do. Hence the reason for this blog. Do you dear folk have any suggestions? Do I get back into my old activities and just work through the pain or do I continue to rest it after all this time? I find that if I do push myself to do something, not only am I in pain, but my toes go numb. Not good! My doctor suggested that I try Celebrex to see if that helped, but I am still thinking about that one. There was such a controversy around that drug and how it affects the heart.

A friend recommended I try acupuncture. Have you tried it? What do you think? If you recommend it, how do I find a good acupuncturist? What do I ask, look for, expect?

So dear friends, I am open for suggestions. I want to get a handle on this before biking season starts in a couple of months. HELP!

Hope to hear from you soon. Your dear friend 'Limping Lilly"


karla said...

Hi Cuppa,
My mom used to take celebrex for the pain associated with her fibromyalgia, but I'm pretty sure she stopped using it after all the controversary. I know that she sees an acupunturist now, so when I talk to her next (today I think), I'll get some feedback from her on how it's helped.

karla said...

Hi again Cuppa,

I just talked to my mom, and while she does go for acupunture, it was for a sore shoulder and alternative treatment for bell's palsy. As for it helping her shoulder, she said it worked a bit, but a friend of her's uses acupunture religously for pain management, and swears by it - more so than medication.

Good luck with that sore ankle Cuppa. Hope you are able to find some relief.

Cuppa said...

Karla - thanks. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Jessi Casas said...

I’m kind of late to address your enquiries, so I hope you’ve found the answers yourself. How did you fare with the treatment? I hope it helped you well with the pain. As for a good acupuncturist, there are many out there. Try searching and read on the reviews. =) Jessi @ The Emperor’s Medicine