Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On her own two feet

I am sure some of you out in blogland are mighty tired of pictures of the Smudge, but family in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and South Korea are lovin' them all. So, for all you loved ones scattered here there and everywhere, here are a few more just for you.
Yes, she is standing on her own two feet. What a smart girl she is! She hasn't deigned to crawl yet, but she rolls everywhere she wants to go, and would rather stand than sit!

Thesha is busy taking her course at work, so Smudge has been here for a few hours everyday this week and Grandpa and I are enjoying this time with her.

She is growing and learning new things everyday. Holding her own sippy-cup, playing pat-a-cake and waving are all becoming regular events.

Oh, Thesha will be dropping her off any minute now, so must run. Will talk to you all again soon.

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ChrisB said...

I just hope you don't mind outsiders enjoy watching Smudge develop~ she is so adorable!