Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just a few more

We are snowed in today but good! The drive was shoveled twice yesterday and we still woke up to a mountain of snow in our driveway this morning! AC is outside trying to clear the walk right now, and our Good Neighbour is working on the driveway. What a gem she is.

I usually take a break from the blog on the weekends, but for all you Smudge fans out there, I thought I would post a few more pics from our week of babysitting. Enjoy.

I loved the way the sun was hitting her face when I took this picture, but she kept moving so it is a bit blurry. I thought it was worth posting anyway.
Squealing with delight when Grandpa played the violin for her.
Taking a break from her hairdressing duty.
Fascinated with the hairbrush. Can you guess the first thing she did with it? Yep, put it right in her mouth!
Trying to help Grandpa work on the computer. She kept grabbing for the mouse, so we had to give her an old remote to bang on the table while Grandpa worked.
Enjoying a drink in her exersaucer while she watches The Big Comfy Couch on Treehouse.
Lunch with Grandpa

Time for a rest now.


marmalade said...

love these posts, Cuppa!

she is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! I wish I was in Ottawa right now so I could SQUEEZE those round cheeks of hers!!

Cuppa said...

marm - she is the cutest isn't she?