Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lazy Saturday morning…

The wind howled around the house last night and I was awakened numerous times by thumps and bumps of this and that blowing around outside. I actually got up three times to look out the window to see what in the world was going on out there, but by the time I got to the window each time, all was quiet. As a result of my restless night, I slept in rather later this morning and am now enjoying a rather lazy Saturday morning. The wind is still wreaking havoc outside, but the sun is shining brightly warming the house nicely on this cold blustery morning.

Once again the gift and song lyric in the Advent Calendar from Butterfly seems to fit in perfectly with the day. I poked and prodded this parcel but couldn't guess what was inside. Once I peeled back the tape I was delighted to find this small Santa ornament holding what looked like balloons, and the note with it read "In the air". The "air" was having a rather raucous party outside today and Santa's balloons would have had fun in it for sure.

On closer inspection I discovered that the balloons were actually little circles designed to hold memos or holiday pictures. I think I will keep it on the counter beside the phone in the kitchen ready to hold messages and reminders during this busy season.

AC was also up a lot through the night but it wasn't due to the weather outside; it was the cold inside. He picked up a bug somewhere and it had him coughing and spluttering up a storm of his own last night. Poor guy isn't feeling well at all. He stood rather bleary eyed at the counter with me this morning as we opened the Advent Calendars together. He read this quote and thought I sent to the girls –

"There is a wilder solitude in winter when every sense is pricked alive and keen."
May Sarton

I hope you feel alive and vibrant as you walk through today. Ring the bells of life and enjoy.

AC picked up the tiny bell ornament I put in with the note and shook it as he said -
"This is about all I can handle today. I don't feel at all alive or vibrant let me tell you. Cough, hack, gasp!!"

So, tiny bells only will ring at our house today, but I hope you feel alive and vibrant in your little corner of the world and you ring what bells you can loud and clear, and enjoy your day.

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