Thursday, January 06, 2005

Walking in a Snow Globe

That is exactly what it felt like today when we went out for our afternoon walk. The weatherman called for snow, and Mother Nature delivered it beautifully – all day long. What a treat. The dance of the snowflakes started a little after 9 am and continued until 6 pm. It was an absolutely marvellous snowy day, and I loved every minute of it.

The big fluffy flakes seemed to be having a grand time as they floated and glided around on their way to making new dresses for the trees and fresh blankets for the fields. What a joy to watch the choreography of the dance as they wove and spun their magic. I kept moving from window to window when I was inside the house, and felt like I was right in the middle of the most amazing snow-globe when I went outside.

The snowflakes fashioned an outfit for me too as I walked across the fields and I loved the touch of Mother Nature’s cold white paint-brush on my cheeks and tongue. She is such a talented artist isn’t she?

If you have a chance to walk in the snow this weekend, be sure to try to catch a snowflake on your tongue. Go ahead. Be a kid again and just do it.


Lynn said...

Now, it's time to figure out what the book is about, the hardest part. I have to root deep inside my soul for the answer. I hate it when I have to be brave. I will discover if this is just another loss of nerve or if there is something real inside me worth saying enough to conquer my fears.

I am going to write about snow, a little, before going to bed.

Lynn said...

P. S. You keep writing too. Sometimes writing seems like a crazy thing to do, but if nobody wrote, we wouldn't have any of your stories to read. The world would be a more impoverished place if that happened.