Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Riverwood or Rivendell

John is still fighting the cold he picked up over the holidays, and was up through the night coughing and spluttering. All the noise woke me around 4am, right in the middle of a dream that seemed so real. I got up to see how John was doing, and I thought that since I was up anyway, I would try to write some of my dream down for a blog. I didn’t have much luck though. It slipped through my sleepy brain like dust in the wind and I couldn’t get it down on paper.

I soon gave up and padded off to the kitchen to make us both a hot apple drink. I thought that it might help sooth John’s throat and give me some extra vitamin C to help ward off the cold germs. We toddle back to bed around 5am and were soon asleep again. Our little romp in the middle of the night really threw us off though. Because the morning was so dark and dreary and the house so quiet, we slept until almost 11am. Yikes. I think we are catching up on our sleep after all the late nights we enjoyed while we were at Shauna’s.

We had a Lord of the Rings movie fest over the holidays and watched all three parts over three days. We brought the set with us to the farm and I am now looking forward to watching the two cd’s with all the extra scenes and interesting facts about how part three was made. Then maybe I will watch the third part again while all those facts are still fresh in my mind. We did love those books and think the movies are great too. Maybe it is time to read the books again – for a fourth time!

When were arrived back at the farm yesterday we had to go through the routine of opening it up after our absence – turning on the heat and hot water, opening vents, taking down cobwebs – stuff like that. We usually awaken a few flies once the heat is turned on, but we were really surprised to be bothered by a pesky mosquito yesterday! Yes, a mosquito diving bombing us in the middle of a cold January night is not a normal occurrence. In July and August it is a sure thing, but not January. We climbed into bed around 11pm and it followed us into the bedroom. Thank goodness I killed it before it had a chance to munch on us all night.

Anyway, in my dream I was blogging about Riverwood and Rivendell and how the two were so similar. I had everything pieced together perfectly, and was writing up a storm, when I was rudely awakened by John’s coughing and spluttering. I had the spiders and the mosquito all worked into the story. The mosquito was the same moth type thing that alerted Gandalf that the eagles were on the way. The Gandalfian snow trees and the old Ent – Treebeard- standing guard down by the river were all woven into the story too. I was on a roll, and this was going to be a fantastic blog.

Alas, in the cold light of morning, my notes didn’t make any sense at all and Riverwood is not Rivendell. Gandalf is nowhere to be found, and Treebeard is just old tree standing down by the river!

I am not giving up hope just yet though. Maybe Rivendell does exist in some hidden corner of the property and I just haven’t found it yet. I will keep looking. The search is so much fun.

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