Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Totally Awesome….

We were busy with company on the weekend; then Monday was a catch-up and clean-up day and yesterday we headed down to the big city to shop, so not much time has been spent writing in the past little while. Sigh! I will make up for that today though. I have a quiet free morning stretching out in front of me, and I am enjoying it completely. Ahhh!

The weatherman is calling for freezing rain today and tomorrow, so we might not get out at all, but that will be ok too. I have lots of writing to do and books to read, so the day will be full of good things even if we don’t get out for a walk.

We came home from our shopping trip around 4pm yesterday and headed out to tend to the bird feeders. We wanted to see if the Chickadees would come feed out of my hand again, but I think they already had their jammies on and were heading off to bed by the time we got there. Not one of the feathery wee things was to be seen anywhere. Usually they swarm to the tree when they see us coming with our apples and peanut butter, but we saw not a one last night.

We thought we would try to tempt them with a juicy treat of apple and peanut butter anyway, but we only had one brave little nuthatch come for a visit. It was a totally awesome visit though. I held the apple and peanut butter on my outstretched hand, and the little guy perched right on my fingertips and feasted. It was absolutely thrilling to have the tiny wonder trust me and sit so close to me. He looked me right in the eye from time to time as he munched on his bedtime snack, and I wondered if he was as full of wonder as I was at what was happening. He was rewarded for facing his fear and doing it anyway, and I marvelled at his courage. After a few minutes he must have heard his mother calling him to come get ready for bed, because he flew off, and we didn’t see him again. We then set about putting out apples and peanut butter for the birds to find in the morning, and we happily came back into the warm farmhouse to fix supper and settle in for the night too. We talked excitedly about what had just happened and could hardly wait to see if we got any good pictures of the little guy eating out of my hand.

Anvilcloud has written about our picture taking trials over the past couple of days, but in spite of forgetting to put the memory card in the camera on the first day, and the late hour on the second day, he managed to get some great pictures. Go and have a look here and here.

If it isn’t raining, we will go out to the feeding tree after lunch and see if we can get a visit or two from the Chickadees. Oh, this is so much fun.

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work everyday some.      (Robert Fulghum)

Be aware of the wonder all around you in your corner of the world and keep your eyes open for the joy waiting to perch on your fingertips today. You might have to stand still and stretch out your hand to receive it, but go ahead, reach out. It is there waiting for you.

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Lynn said...

We had an unseasonably warm day yesterday. Today, the temperature is rapidly falling and it is snowing.

I have been reading the novel this week. I take notes, attempt to tease some meaning from what I wrote, and try to find an idea of what it might one day be about. I'm not as disappointed with it as I thought I would be even though it needs much work to make it a real novel.

I am glad to hear you are finding time to write and read and commune with the birds. Stay warm.