Wednesday, January 05, 2005

January Morning

I awoke to bright sunny skies this morning and it was a very welcome sight after such a dull day yesterday. It is cold and windy outside too, with a promise of snow in the air. Yahoo! That makes me very happy, because we need some fresh snow to cover the icy drive so we can get in and out of the property again. We might have company this weekend so we need to go into town for extra groceries, but we can’t get the car back up the icy lane to the road. Fresh snow will make it nicer for our company to snowshoe the trails too. Ahh yes, – let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

We went for a trek down to the river and along to the swimming hole yesterday and it was a very icy walk indeed. Thank goodness the snowshoes have metal clips on the bottom that give great traction on ice. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t be getting out at all. Every inch of ground is covered in ice and almost impossible to walk on.

I thought I could make it out to the birdfeeder without my snowshoes yesterday afternoon, but I was sadly mistaken. I got a few feet away from the back door and I started to slide all over the place. I could hardly get back to the path. Yikes! The older you get the harder you fall, so I carefully waddled back to the porch and quickly donned my snowshoes. I won’t be going anywhere without them for the next little while!

The birds are busy at the feeders in the old apple tree, but the red squirrels have found the tree too and they are wreaking havoc with the delicate feeders I fashioned out of plastic lids and string. They were just fine for the birds, but won’t hold the weight of the squirrel’s hulking bodies! Well, hulking when compared to a bird’s body! We put a feeder out for the squirrels on the other side of the house, but the little blighters aren’t content with that. They want the bird’s food too. Sheesh!

We noticed deer tracks around the base of the apple tree yesterday, so all sorts of creatures are having a holiday feast. I will put more apples out for them later today. I sure hope we see the deer when they next come to the tree. We would love to get some pictures of them too.

Well, I must end this post here and go out to tend the feeders and then attempt a walk along the icy trails. I hope you get a chance to go for a walk today too and enjoy some of the gifts January has to offer in your little corner of the world at present. Open your eyes as you walk through the “meadow” you will be surprised at what you see.

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Lynn said...

The first snow storm of winter hit Chicago yesterday. I stayed inside all day long and watched the snow blow past my bay windows while I wrote all day long until it got dark.

I wrote the first draft of a novel in December. It absorbed all my writing ideas, time, and words, so my blog suffered, languished, and stood empty. The day I finished, I realized I had given myself a Christmas present.

I won't be picking up the novel until next week and even then I'll be spending my time in analytical mode trying to figure out the plot, character development, and what it is about. I expect to get back to postiing in my blog within the next few days. I am finding it difficult to shift gears from the book to the blog.

Stay warm and safe. I'm am grateful for your blog. It's warm like the sun. It's a shelter from the winter storms.