Friday, January 07, 2005

Sunshine on Snow

Today dawned bright and full of sunshine, which lit-up the fresh fallen snow all around the old farmhouse. What a sight for sleepy eyes. I rolled out of bed and padded from window to window marvelling at the brilliant white blanket covering everything outdoors.

I stood at the kitchen window while the coffee dripped into the pot and savoured the view while I waited for my first cup to be ready. I am glad I did that, because within half an hour, the sun was hidden behind the clouds and didn’t make another appearance all day. I took my first cup of coffee and sipped it while I checked my email and by the time I had done that, the clouds had moved in. Just as well really, because I had lots of work to do today.

Company is coming for the weekend, so we had to head into town for groceries, clean up a bit and get bedrooms ready. We had all that done by lunchtime, so after lunch we went out to tend the bird feeders and then treated ourselves to walk through the fresh snow and took and path through the woods we hadn’t taken before. It was fabulous to break new trails and have fresh snow to walk on again instead of icy crusty snow.

So, not much time for writing today, or for the rest of the weekend, but will get back here Sunday night. Have a good weekend and enjoy all the gifts January has to offer you.

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Lynn said...

Writing is the most difficult thing I have ever done. When I want to make it real, I find myself reliving emotions I'd rather suppress. I must confront the painful part before I succumb to the sheer joy of life. Wanting to capture the feeling of what happened drives my writing every day.