Monday, November 27, 2006

Tree Party

We had sunshine yesterday, but the rain is back today and looks like it might stick around all week. Drat! I would really much rather have snow. Yep, I want winter to be winter so I can dust off the old snowshoes and give them a good workout. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I'm ready.

In spite of the lack of snow, we really got into the Christmas mood on Saturday. Butterfly held the annual tree decorating party at her house in the afternoon, and AC and I joined the party to add our artistic touch to the decorating of the Old Tannenbaum. I used to host this event, but gladly passed the torch to Butterfly when she got her own house. She is our Christmas baby and she loves the season like none other. She decorates her house from top to bottom and even has two trees; one in the living room on the main floor and another in the family room in the basement. We are in much smaller digs now, and seeing as we spend Christmas Eve and Day and any other family events at Butterfly's house it just makes sense to have the big trees over there.

I have a little pre-lit, pre-decorated tree that I can pull out of a box, set on a small table and plug in. Voila, in less than ten minutes, my tree is up and decorated and I only have to move one lamp to make room for it. I like that aspect of it. I do miss the big tree, but I can go over to Butterfly's and gaze on her tree whenever I want to.

We missed Bug and Puff at our party, but we sent them heart hugs across the miles and look forward to them being home soon to share the beauty of the season with us. Hurry home girls, it has been too long see we have heard from you and much too long since we have seen you.

This seems an appropraite decoration for Butterfly's tree.

Finished product. Pretty huh?

AC relaxin' beside the fire in the family room after his busy afternoon's work.

After we decorated the tree, we put dinner in the oven and then headed out the door to attend the Santa Clause Parade that evening. I will post a few pics of the parade later today.

Whether you have rain, snow or sunshine today I hope you walk in peace and enjoy your day.


Gina said...

I love tree parties!

And- we actually have rain today!

methatiam said...

Ah.... tree, fireplace, cold air ....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree! :)



Cathy said...

Just beautiful. I think I'll try to coax my husband to drag our 'instant' Christmas tree out of the basement tonight :0)

Cuppa said...

Gina - I love tree parties too. If you lived closer to us we would invite you to ours.

It has been raining - all day here. Bleck!

Methatiam - I would miss it too if I lived in a hot spot all year long.

TG - Thanks.

Cathy - Aren't the instant trees great? I am glad that Butterfly invites me to help decorate her regular tree though.

Karla said...

What a beautiful tree! And even by a fireplace. It couldn't get more perfect than that.