Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thank goodness for Re-chargeable batteries.

AC and I put in another busy week, but managed to find time to visit the park to recharge our batteries. AC was still feeling the affects of a bug he picked up earlier in the week, but a visit to the park always helps one feel better, so after a couple of short errands we headed for our favourite spot. We were really surprised when this sight greeted us.

I thought all the geese had flown south by now, but maybe this warm weather is confusing them. It sure is confusing me. There isn't a speck of snow on the ground, the temps are hovering in the low double digits and it feels more like spring than late fall. We soaked in the sunshine and warm temps along with the geese and enjoyed the quiet of the late afternoon. It didn't last long though because soon a car pulled up with a bright alert Border Collie in the back seat. He patiently sat there, eyes all a-sparkle, while his owner finished a phone conversation. As soon as dog and owner emerged from the car with a Frisbee, the geese hightailed it into the water and headed for the other side of the river. The peace and quiet gave way to barking and running and high energy entertainment. We loved it. AC had his camera with him and had fun snapping pictures of the dog.

After a few minutes AC got out of the car to say hello to the owner and show him some pics he took of the dog leaping and flying to catch the Frisbee. As he stood there talking, the dog came up to AC and woofed at him to throw the Frisbee. AC was pleased as punch and gladly obliged the dog.

When the dog kept coming back to AC with the Frisbee, and ignored his owner I just had to grab the camera and take a few pictures of him and the dog. The three of us stood there talking and before we knew it, the dog was bringing the Frisbee to me too. What a hoot. AC has posted more pics here.

We stayed chatting with the owner, and throwing for the dog, until our feet got cold and we had to retreat to the car to warm up. Said owner and dog continued their game of catch as we drove off to our warm house for hot tea. Our batteries were re-charged, spirits were high and we were ready to settle into our warm little nest for the night to prepare for the busy weekend ahead. After dinner I iced some holiday sugar cookies and got things ready for our tree decorating party at Butterfly's house the next day while AC worked on pictures. We both felt energized and ready to move forward into our busy week to come.

When you start to feel your energy drain during this sometimes hectic time of year, find a few minutes to go outside and sit by the water or walk in the park. Plug in to the great energy source of the great outdoors and re-charge those batteries.

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Anonymous said...

I find the need to do that every morning with a long walk. No walk, nothing feels right. It's best in the early morning when everything is still quiet. Fortunately, I don't have the holiday stress stuff but it just feels like good policy anyway :)