Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sunshine and Shadow

As AC already mentioned, we had a rough day yesterday and wandered around like lost souls trying to process upsetting news. We can't go into details because it is not our story to tell, but let me just say that by dinner time we got word that things weren't as bad as we initially thought they could be, and once we heard that we felt some relief. Just in case your imagination is running wild, The A-Team is fine. This news didn't concern them at all.

On the weekend, I prepared my costume, got a huge bowl of candy ready and decorated the front porch for Halloween, but I sure didn't feel much like participating in the event after my horrible day yesterday. AC rallied a bit in the afternoon and made a delicious pot of soup for dinner and when we got the encouraging email informing us that the news wasn't as bad as first thought, we were able to enjoy our dinner and prepare for the ghosts and goblins to visit. AC didn't feel up to greeting the little munchkins, so I donned my costume, lit all the candles in the porch, made myself a huge mug of hot chocolate laced with Bailey's and took up my post at the front doot. I sipped my hot chocolate to keep me warm, and I indulged in a few chocolate covered peanuts and raisins while I sat at my post. MMMM, such a nice yummy payment for doing my duty and guarding the basket of treats. AC visited me from time to time, munched a few treats and then went back to work in the den. A nice evening was enjoyed by both of us after such a miserable day.

The costumes were marvellous and each little goblin was very polite and thanked me for their treat or wished me a Happy Halloween. My spirits were lifted and I felt better after interacting with all these cute little characters last night. Between 5:30 and 7:30 I had 250 kids come to my door. Yikes! They ranged in age from little ones held in mom's arms to groups of very tall gangly teenagers. Old and young alike had great costumes and all were a delight to see. My neighbour said he thought they were bussing kids into our neighbour from Ottawa! Tee Hee! He hadn't seen a Halloween quite this busy here before. We don't have that many kids in our neighbourhood that is for sure, and we had a steady stream of cars and vans going up and down our street dropping off kids last night. Maybe there were coming in from Ottawa! At any rate I enjoyed each visit and happily handed out treats.

Doors were locked and candles extinguished around 8pm and all was quiet for the rest of the evening. I toddled off to bed early and slept peacefully until the sunshine woke me up this morning. Oh joy, a day of sunshine after our day of shadow. We celebrated the warm gift sent our way and spent the afternoon hiking the nature trails at a local conservation area. It was just what our spirits needed after yesterday.

It is getting late now, so I will post this tonight and tell you more about our day – tomorrow.

Nite nite, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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marmalade said...

hey sauntie.

250 kids! that's just nuts. although it is just fabulous seeing all of those little squeezable creatures at your doorstep!

hope that your spirits are back up and that all is well.

thinking of you often and sending you many hugs!!

hopefully over the xmas break we will be able to see each other. you guys are just amazing and i would love to arrange a get together.

many hugs. mary.