Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bending and Bouncing

When my spirit is rumpled, it always helps to pay a visit to old Mother Nature and let her work her magic on my ruffled soul. There is nothing like a walk in her world to calm me down and help me find my centre again.

Sitting by the water soothes me and washes my spirit with peace.

Walking along wooded paths quiets me and opens my heart to hear life lessons.

The trees are wise teachers and I learn from them how to stand. They don't worry or fret, they just stand. Rain or shine, heat or cold, they stand. They put their roots down deep and they stand. I walked among them yesterday and drew courage and strength from them.

We were still feeling rather ragged around the edges emotionally, so when we were given the gift of sunshine yesterday, we dusted off our hiking boots and hit the wooded trails at the Mill of Kintail.

AC headed off the path into this field of milkweed to check out the building just past the trees. I stayed put to give him a reference point to find the path again. When we encounter overgrown, rough areas in our lives, we all need someone to help us find our way back to the path again don't we? We take turns doing this for each other.

We came home revived in body and soul, feeling like we had been given a dose of tonic. Good old Mother Nature. She will work her magic if we will go out and walk with her a while.

Last week during the wind storm that swept through our area I had a front row seat in Mother Nature's classroom of life as I watched the maple trees in our back yard follow her advice on how to get through a storm. They were taking quite a beating, but when the wind gusts reached their peak, the trees bent when they needed to and snapped right back when given half a chance. What a life lesson - put your roots down deep in who you are and when the storms of life hit, bend when you need to but bounce right back when given the chance.

AC and I were bent low on Tuesday, but yesterday we snapped back and enjoyed standing tall in the sunshine. If a storm seems rather relentless in your life these days, bend and bounce, bend and bounce, bend and bounce.


Karla said...

As always Cuppa – clever wisdom from a thoughtfully insightful woman.

Sending warm hugs your way.

kathy said...

loved your post and pictures. bend and bounce...Soooo true!


Gina said...

So glad you were able to soothe your troubled souls.

Maya's Granny said...

It's good to know that you are both feeling better. And so considerate of you to let us know that the A Team is ok. Isn't it amazing how important people we are probably never even going to meet become to us? Because they are important to other people we will probably never meet.

PBS said...

A walk in nature can mend many ills, glad it did for you. Beautiful pictures too!

Cathy said...

My eyes are welling up with the tears one experiences on encountering another soul's poignant expression of life lived in hope and love. This was just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Absolutely stunning. Thanks for posting them.:)


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