Sunday, November 19, 2006

Coffee with Raindrops

We had days and days of rain last week and by Friday AC and I were both feeling rather damp and dreary in spirit from all the wet weather. I just knew it was time for a trip to the park even if we had to sit in the car and sip our coffee while the rain pelted down. So after lunch we set off to do some errands and then make a stop at Tim's to pick up coffee and take it to the river's edge.

The above is a picture AC took out the car window just after we arrived. I thought it was the perfect picture for a "Coffee with Raindrops" blog. Below is a picture he took about half an hour later. The sun broke through the clouds, lit up the world around us and filled our hearts with hope and joy. I was so glad we were outside to catch this marvellous yet fleeting gift from Mother Nature.

The rain stopped, the sun shone (albeit for only a few minutes) entertainment arrived and all the while we sipped cafe mocha's as we also drank deeply on the beauty of this day.

AC has posted pictures of our visit on his blog here. We were thoroughly entertained by the raindrops, the sun and then the border collie. What a great way to end our busy busy week.

Rain or shine, I always enjoy coffee with Raindrops.


methatiam said...

I usually drink my morning coffee at work while READING raindrops. It's as close as I can come in the desert.

Cuppa said...

methatiam - Whatever works! Coffee and Raindrops just go together. Glad you enjoy Raindrops in the desert.

Anonymous said...

There's something magical about rainy days. Even at my age, I still go for a long walk on a rainy day. Your pictures are just beautiful! I have no idea where in the world it is ~ but it looks like a little bit of heaven. :)



Gina said...

I like rain, too. We just don't get enough of it over here. Good to hear that you had such a wonderful time.

Karla said...

Look at the brilliant colour of the sky and the water in that picture. Amazing!

Those cafe mocha's at Tims sure are yummy aren't they?

Cathy said...

Cuppa, other than the twinkle lights that are brightening the long evenings around our city - the thing that brightens my spirit the most is the thought that in less than a month the days start gettng longer. Like you and AC - I miss the sun. (Your advent calendars are such a beautiful gift to your children.)