Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Visit to Town Hall - 2014

We just had a municipal election in our town, and Danica is very interested in politics.  She collected all the flyers that came to the house, spoke to the candidates who visited, and had some very strong opinions on who we should vote for.  She liked our current Mayor, and encouraged all of us to vote for her.

Needless to say, when Danica woke up on the morning after the election and discovered that her favorite candidate for mayor lost, she was very upset.  We tried to explain to her that that is just the way democracy works, and why everyone who can vote, should vote.

Danica was still upset when she arrived at out house to await the school bus.  I suggested she write a note to Wendy,  the candidate who lost the race for mayor, to tell her how sorry she was that she would no longer be mayor, and how much she liked her.

That's all Dani needed.  She sat down with pen and paper, and wrote the most heartwarming note.  After school we took the kids to the town hall to hand deliver the note.  Sadly the mayor wasn't in her office, so we had to leave the note with the receptionist.  I wish Dani could have talked to the outgoing mayor face to face, but we put her return address on the note, so hopefully she will hear from her by mail.

After we delivered the note, the kids had to go exploring in and around the old town hall.  It really is a beautiful place. 

Here they are at the top of the stairs leading to the concert hall located on the second floor of the magnificent old building.

Outside they walked along the boarded of the flower beds...

...and posed for pictures on the railing of the bridge beside the old building.

It was a cold windy day, but we took some time to visit the park behind the town hall too.

It's a beautiful spot to sit and spend time in on a warm summer afternoon, but not on this cold windy day.

It looks like this would be the perfect spot to watch fireworks from.

You can see the Town Hall in the background on this picture.

After our cold outing, it was time to stop at Tim's for some hot chocolate.

Dani opted for a cold drink instead.


Anonymous said...

Girl after my own heart.

Hilary said...

527I know you don't need any convincing.. but that girl is special.

I hope Ms. LeBlanc sees and responds to her letter.

Cuppa said...

Andrea - runs in the family huh?

Hilary - I hope Wendy responds too. It would mean a lot to Dani for sure.

Regenia said...

That looks like a really interesting place. Looks like it has been well planned out to be that way. I absolutely hope Danica gets a response. That "model" pose of her is awfully cute. Wouldn't find anything even remotely comparable on the runway! And JJ could be a model in catalogs, etc. right now. He really is that handsome.