Monday, November 03, 2014

PA Day with the kids, October 2014

After an almost two month holiday, we are back on duty with the kids for before and after school care, three days a week  They are a delight, and sure add a bright touch to even the dullest rainy days.

They had a PA day last week, so we had them for the whole day on Friday.  We find it best to keep them busy when we have them for the whole day, so we started out with a morning walk.
JJ is leading the way to the Dragon Wall to look for dragon eggs.
Time to stop and pose for a picture.
Looking for dragon eggs, and enjoying the echo as they shouted into the drain.
What a beautiful day for a walk.  I still love it when one of the other of them wants to hold hands as we walk along.
After lunch, we set out for a visit to the park, but stopped to wash the car first.  Here we are toweling off a few drips before our park adventure. 
More pictures of fun in the park to come tomorrow.  Stay tuned...

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