Friday, November 07, 2014

JJ's Sleepover Fun

After Dani's sleepover, it was JJ's turn.   After a trip to the $Store for a sleepover treat, it was time to get into our pj's and settle in for a movie.  JJ's pick was a Star Wars DVD. 
All snuggled in on the rocker with Buppa
Looks comfy huh.
The next day it was time to go for a nature walk.  This looked like an excellent tree for climbing.
The branches were so low, JJ, didn't need our help at all to get up into the tree.
He thought it was great that he could do it all by himself.
What an accomplishment to climb your first tree all by yourself.

After trees there were all sorts of other things for him to climb
Here he is walking over "hot lava".  At least that was what he was doing in his imagination.
If it is there....he has to climb it

Lots of areas to explore
He wants to come back here with his skateboard when he is a bit older.
It was a sunny but cold and very windy day. BRRRRRR!  He kept warm by running along the dirt-bike paths, then it was time to go home for cookies and hot chocolate.

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Regenia said...

Being able to climb a tree all by yourself is a really good thing for a guy who fights bad guys. You never know when having a look out from an elevated position will be critical in the struggle of good versus bad!! And what a shame to think that not all who protect us from the bad guys have a grandmother to stand behind them ready with srengthening sustenance of cookies and hot cocoa!!