Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dani's sleepover fun

As soon as we got home from our holiday, we had to schedule a sleepover with Danica.  She got out her calendar and marked the first available date down in INK.  She came over to our house the next day, and made sure I had it down on my calendar too.  She came one Saturday night, and JJ came the next.   The key to a successful visit with these munchkins is to keep them busy and moving, moving, moving.

Dani came over around 3pm on Saturday, and we settled in for an Anne of Green Gables Fest that evening.  We had to start early as it is a rather long DVD, but she had to make a trip to Shopper's with Buppa first to get an ice cream treat, and a sleepover treat.

 She thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but when it was over she and Buppa had to go on the computer and search for information about the actor who played Gilbert.  She thought he looked like daddy, and she wanted to find out his real name, age, birth date, country of birth etc.  I was in bed long before she was, and I could hear her in the den with Buppa, looking up facts on Wikipedia and listening to national anthems and such. 
The next morning she studied a map of Montreal to see if she could find the street that Buppa used to live when he was a teenager, and then see how close it was to where Grandmama lived now. 

I helped a bit, but didn't know Montreal, so it was mostly up to Buppa to help the girl.
After our map work, she prepared a Tea Party for us, using our old tin tea set.
She had to call home to let Mommy and Daddy know what she was up to.
A place was set at the table for her new beanie baby toy.
I am not sure which one is cuter.
Quite the pair.


Regenia said...

What a wonderful thing to learn about maps and how to read them with your grandpa!

Regenia said...

I forgot to ask. I can't tell if the tea cups are regular size or not. The tea set itself is fun?

Cuppa said...

Regenia - how nice to have you drop by for tea this morning. I have been wondering how you are doing.
We had a nice autumn holiday and, but are now back into the swing of things with the kids three days a week.
The tea set is the first one we had for Danica when she was younger. It is tin, so no fear of breakage, and the cups only hold a thimble full of liquid. We have had many a tea party with her and JJ using this little set. JJ makes dragon tea for his parties though. I keep the set on the bottom shelf of my tea wagon, and the kids get it out all the time. Dani is finally managing to pour the tea without spilling, so we are making progress with each passing party. Lots of sweet memories are made with each sip of tea from those old tin cups.