Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween - 2014

The weatherman was calling for rain, but happily he was wrong, and the kids got to go out trick-or-treating in cold by dry conditions.  Friday is our day off, but we picked them up at the bus stop around 4pm and went right over to their house to give them an early dinner before the haunting  hour arrived. 

The four of us ate first, then when mommy and daddy got home from work, they chowed down while Buppa took some pictures.
I don't think the cute little witch was aware of her spooky companions in this pic.

All ready to fight the bad guys.
Ready to climb the pole, and then go in search of the Batmobile.

...madly off in all directions.

All the girls getting in on the act.
Sweet memories with Amma and Buppa
The family 2014

1 comment:

Regenia said...

Sue, aren't witches supposed to be scary? Danica's costume is wonderful. But that sweet little girl can't help but smile, can she?

And I am glad to know JJ takes his fight against the bad guys so seriously. Ottawa just has to be safer due to his efforts.

LOVE the picture of the two of them hugging. It's just so precious.